Should I use double envelopes

While it’s more formal and traditional to use an inner and outer envelope for your wedding invitations, it’s more common now to use a single envelope. Following are some pros and cons.

  • The outer envelope will protect your invitation in the mail.

  • You can use a liner on the inner envelope.

  • It is a nicer presentation.

  • It increases the overall price of your invitations because:

  • You have to address the outer and the inner.

  • It increases the weight (possibly the postage) of your invitation.


Etiquette 101

So what rules are we supposed to follow anymore? We have two rules we really try to stick to.

  1. Never put a label on your invitation, unless it’s part of the design. If you want to save some money, have friends come over and help address (a bottle of wine doesn’t hurt!). It doesn’t have to be perfect, just personal.

  2. Never include your registry information in your invitation. Put it on your website (super easy to click through) or word of mouth.